Case Studies

481kW – Hanapepe, HI

Roof-mounted system on the island of Kauai. This is Phase II of a multi-phase project.

  • System Size: 481kW
  • Installation Type: Ground Mount

251kW – Kekaha, HI

This project is situated along the southern coast of Kauai, HI. The system is paired with a 250kW/530kWh BESS microgrid package, allowing the site to continue producing energy during a power outage. This is Phase I of a multi-phase project.

  • System Size: 251kW
  • Installation Type: Roof Mount

1.1MW – Portland, IN

This rooftop project is located at one of the largest egg production facilities in the Midwest. Phase I of the project included rooftop solar across six barns. Development on Phase II is currently underway.

  • System Size: 1.1MW
  • Installation Type: Rooftop

91kW – Celina, OH

This ground-mounted system offsets nearly 85% of the energy consumption across two meters at this Ohio feed mill.

  • System Size: 91kW
  • Installation Type: Ground Mount

448kW – Hicksville, OH

This ground-mounted project is Phase I in a multi-phase energy reduction plan at this Ohio egg production farm. The system will be completed and energized as of H2, 2024.

  • System Size: 448kW
  • Installation Type: Ground Mount

1.07MW – New Paris, OH

This 1.07MW ground-mounted system is currently being constructed at an Ohio egg farm. The array will be energized in Q3 2023.

  • System Size: 1.07MW
  • Installation Type: Ground Mount


260kW – Culver City, CA

Rooftop peel and stick application to offset current consumption at Holywood Studio.

  • System Size: 260kW
  • Installation Type: Rooftop

50kW – Denver, CO

One of our many out-of-state projects boasted rooftop units installed atop various new carports built throughout the parking lot. This was a $600k carport installation.

  • System Size: 50kW (DC)
  • Installation Type: Rooftop/Carports

32kW (DC) – Columbus, IN

Roof-mounted ballasted system (Phase I) on a medical facility.

  • System Size: 32kW (DC)
  • Installation Type: Rooftop

120kW – Fishers, IN

Roof-mounted solar commercial application. Project included a complete roof replacement.

  • System Size: 120kW
  • Installation Type: Roof Mount

318kW – Indianapolis, IN

This rooftop installation is part of a real estate development plan in Downtown Indianapolis. This is Phase I of a multi-phase project that includes new mixed-use construction.

  • System Size: 318kW
  • Installation Type: Rooftop

29kW (DC) – Indianapolis, IN

Off-grid battery and solar application for Downtown Indianapolis Sports Arena.

  • System Size: 29kW (DC)
  • Installation Type: Rooftop

260kW – Indianapolis, IN

This rooftop installation was paired with a full re-roof and HVAC replacement. This holistic approach enabled the customer to add additional accretive value to improve project economics.

  • System Size: 260kW
  • Installation Type: Rooftop

47kW (DC) – London, OH

Roof mount, ground mount, and integrated applications.

  • System Size: 47kW (DC)
  • Installation Type: Rooftop and Ground Mount
  • Market: Commercial/Residential

Municipal & Community

71kW – Fortville, IN

This system is comprised of two arrays for the town of Fortville, Indiana, one at the Community Center and the other at the Town Hall. The project was completed with the town putting no money down, utilizing 3rd party tax-equity financing.

  • System Size: 71kW
  • Installation Type: Rooftop

259kW – Fort Wayne, IN

Noted as Indiana’s first energy-efficient affordable housing and transportation project, this rooftop and carport installation has been operational since 2021. The 44-unit complex’s energy consumption is net zero with the production from the system.

  • System Size: 259kW
  • Installation Type: Rooftop/Carport
  • Market: Muli-Family Housing

Oil & Gas

  • System Size: 600kW
  • Installation Type: Tank Top

600kW – Rensselaer, NY

This unique installation is the largest oil tank top installation in the world. Leveraging a direct relationship with a lightweight panel manufacturer, HSI completed the project in 2022.