Markets We Specialize In


Business owners are discovering that commercial solar power is excellent for the environment and outstanding for the company’s bottom line. HSI has installed solar technology for commercial use in various configurations.


Solar power is ideal for industrial facilities. Lowering the carbon footprint helps decrease power costs, provides consistency in production, and yields generous tax credits. 


Solar power technology is a natural and sustainable practice that provides farmers and agricultural agencies with cost savings and greater independence over major power companies.

Oil & Gas

HSI Solar installed hurricane category five rated solar panels atop oil and gas holding tanks through partnerships and ingenuity. The once unusable space has proven to be the perfect location for capturing solar energy. The durable peel-and-stick application makes installation efficient.


Many schools and universities have made the switch to solar panels. Federal and state agencies provide ample incentives for solar technology, and the additional monthly savings can be allocated in the classrooms.  

Municipal & Community

Solar energy is a fantastic way for municipalities, government entities, and nonprofits to secure reliable electricity costs while reducing their carbon footprint on the climate.