Our EPC Solar Services

HSI Solar offers a wide range of custom-tailored EPC services to help you save money on energy costs with increased efficiency.

We listen and work with each customer to facilitate available incentives and design a cost-effective system. Our goal is that the system reflects historical & anticipated consumption, utility rate & interconnection structures, and a financial model unique to each customer’s operation. We utilize our product knowledge, experience, and relationships with manufacturers & contractors to deliver a turnkey upgrade that reduces ongoing operating expenses.

Solar Development

Our team of experts will assist homeowners with all aspects of project design. The beginning stage of development involves the site’s technical, geological, and structural data collection, with precise measurements to pinpoint the ideal location for solar panels. While a south-facing direction is often preferred, specific tools determine the best site for the optimum sun. Our development stage also includes a utility analysis & cash flow modeling.

Before the project begins, all necessary permitting & interconnection agreements are filed with city officials.

Energy Solutions

Our engineers facilitate equipment procurement, oversee the installation of roof, ground, and carport construction as well as take care of BESS/microgrid & specialty applications. Construction can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the size of the project & weather conditions.

Customized Financing

Our professionals will help find a financial solution that matches each customer’s needs. With options including Cap-X, financing, and 3rd party placement services, we help determine the best option for your budget.

Grants & Incentives

Federal & state governments are making it easier to install solar panels through a series of incentives. We find & facilitate federal, regional, and local incentives that encourage investing in & using renewable energy. Whether a tax credit, grant, or other reimbursements, we help put money back in your pocket as early as the first year of installation.

Construction & Supply Chain Management

We work side-by-side with specialized contractors & other personnel during the installation process. Functioning as a team, we oversee logistics, people, and resources, all necessary for the success of a project.

Operational & Maintenance Support

Have peace of mind knowing we have your back. After installation is complete, our team continually monitors your system with annual testing, online system & performance monitoring, and technical support.